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12 Affirmations 2.0
A revision of the original 12 Affirmations by Steven Vryhof, is now available - 12 Affirmations 2.0: Christian Schooling for a Changing World. The goal of the book is to "provide fresh language to a new generation, asking it to consider again the importance and the power of...Christian schooling. ...The hope is that the book will again spark discussions that energize and improve Christian schools, that bring changes that start closing gaps between the ideal and the reality, and that make these institutions strong and effective and sustainable."

12 Affirmations 2.0 is a very accessible book. Each affirmation, a paragraph long, is followed by an exposition of the affirmation (1-2 pages), and three questions to guide discussions. The affirmations are grouped into 3 categories - Foundational Affirmations, Educational Affirmations, and Communal Affirmations.

12 Affirmations 2.0 can be used with many audiences including:
• Discussions of Christian education at the board level
• Engaging parents in understanding the goals of Christian schooling
• Orienting new teachers
• Reinvigorating current staff
• Engaging upper level high schools students in discussions about the goal of Christian education
• And more - limited only by your imagination

Obtain multiple copies and let the conversations begin.

A message from the Director
Welcome to Alta Vista's website. Alta Vista is a catalyst for initiating dialog and encouraging change in schools, and which is our goal in all the courses we teach, the seminars we conduct, the resources we produce - in all of our activities and services.

We invite you to become part of this dialog. Our dreams, our visions, our prayers are that our schools will impact our communities with the Good News of Isaiah 61 which involves compassion, justice, caring, celebration; that we will actually see communities of believers that will "rebuild the old ruins, raise a new city out of the wreckage. They'll start over on the ruined cities, take the rubble left behind and make it new." (Is. 61:4 from Eugene Peterson's The Message) Alta Vista hopes you will join us in those dreams, those visions and those prayers.

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ALTA VISTA Educational Services
Alta Vista, founded by Dr. Al Greene in 1970, has enjoyed a long, rich history of serving Christian education. Over the years the central question driving the work of Alta Vista has been - What makes Christian education distinctive?

A Christian school, Dr. Greene urged, has no reason to be if it cannot be distinguished from the public school around the corner. His last book, Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education (ACSI, 1998), is an eloquent and compelling testimony to his vision. Dr. Greene passed away on April 8, 2010 at the age of 94.

While details may change, the central purpose of the organization remains: to be a Spirit-directed voice of hope, discernment, and empowerment in the realm of Christian education. AV seeks to help equip people for faithful, visionary, competent, and compassionate discipleship in a hurting world. On the agenda are workshops, courses, consulting services and partnerships, all designed to encourage an approach to Christian education that is continuously guided by a vision of shalom. Alta Vista intends to help identify and support practices that help equip students for redemptive action in a distorted world.

Alta Vista is particularly concerned to avoid unnecessary duplication and wasteful overlap of efforts. Consequently, Alta Vista vigorously pursues partnerships and collaboration. Current partnerships include Christian Schools International, the Society of Christian Schools in B.C., Seattle Pacific University, George Fox University, and the Christian Educators Association International.

With humility, compassion, and courage, Alta Vista commits to being a clear compelling voice inviting Christian educators to impact our culture and our world in ways that point to genuine shalom.