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12 Affirmations 2.0
A revision of the original 12 Affirmations by Steven Vryhof, is now available - 12 Affirmations 2.0: Christian Schooling for a Changing World. The goal of the book is to "provide fresh language to a new generation, asking it to consider again the importance and the power of...Christian schooling. ...The hope is that the book will again spark discussions that energize and improve Christian schools, that bring changes that start closing gaps between the ideal and the reality, and that make these institutions strong and effective and sustainable."

12 Affirmations 2.0 is a very accessible book. Each affirmation, a paragraph long, is followed by an exposition of the affirmation (1-2 pages), and three questions to guide discussions. The affirmations are grouped into 3 categories - Foundational Affirmations, Educational Affirmations, and Communal Affirmations.

12 Affirmations 2.0 can be used with many audiences including:
• Discussions of Christian education at the board level
• Engaging parents in understanding the goals of Christian schooling
• Orienting new teachers
• Reinvigorating current staff
• Engaging upper level high schools students in discussions about the goal of Christian education
• And more - limited only by your imagination

Obtain multiple copies and let the conversations begin.

Alta Vista serves Christian education in areas of curriculum development, instructional improvement, balanced assessment, learner-centered collaboration, and school renewal.

Curriculum: AV works with schools to develop mission-framed curricular units that are designed to engage students around enduring understandings and essential questions. Alta Vista also works with schools to align their curriculum vertically and horizontally through a process of curriculum mapping and curriculum review using the maps.

Instructional improvement: AV offers workshops/courses on differentiated instruction and responding to student diversity, in particular, and on pedagogy in a larger sense. AV is also exploring the ‘pedagogy of space and place’ and its implications for Christian education. In addition, in partnership with Seattle Pacific University, Alta Vista offers the Professional Certification program to area Christian teachers.

Balanced Assessment: AV offers workshops on mission-framed assessment as, for and of learning.

Learner-centered Collaboration: AV works with Christian educators/schools to develop learner-centered collaborative teacher teams designed to help more students learn more.

School Renewal: AV offers a resource called "Spaces Where Learners Flourish" designed to help Christian School leaders and teachers examine their learning spaces through the lens of human flourishing. AV also offers accreditation support to regional Christian schools in partnership with Christian Schools International and NorthWest Christian Schools International.